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Again, welcome and it's a pleasure to introduce JRP-Atlanta, LLC! We've been sourcing qualified candidates for our wide range of clientele since 1985. Looking for someone you can rely on to listen and deliver? Call one of our recruiters now to get the ball rolling. We actively seek and recruit qualified candidates; never just sitting back and waiting for someone to respond to a job posting! After all, the most qualified are already working for your competitor! Our candidates are sourced through direct contact, extensive networking and referrals, local and national news media and various job boards and search engines. Through our efforts we are positioned to meet your staffing needs by screening, qualifying, and matching candidates' skills to your specific job requirements. It doesn't cost a dime to look at our candidates - only if you hire! JRP-Atlanta, LLC represents a large and diversified talent pool, many of whom would not respond to an advertisement. You'll quickly see that our candidates are head and shoulders above those from other sources! Time is money and we save you both!

When interviewing our candidates, you'll be presented with not only their resume, but a Personal Profile (summary of the candidates' background), written professional references, degree and certification verifications, and at your request, we'll also provide you with credit checks, criminal background checks, patriot searches, driving records, social security validation and other checks. We also provide software testing as it pertains to your particular position. And, all at no additional costs to you!

All candidates are backed by our 90-day replacement guarantee! Call us now and you'll quickly see the difference!

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