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JRP-Atlanta, LLC employer paid fees are assessed at 20% of the candidates' first years annual base salary. No hidden charges and simple to understand!


JRP-Atlanta, LLC offers a replacement credit for employees who voluntarily resign or are discharged for cause by Employer within ninety (90) calendar days. Replacement credits will be honored for one (1) full year from date of termination. NOTE: JRP-Atlanta's guarantee becomes effective and commences with the candidate's start date provided that full payment has been received by JRP-Atlanta, LLC within ten (10) days from candidate's start date. We do not replace in the event of layoff, substantial change in the original job description or locations, or elimination of the position. JRP-Atlanta, LLC must be notified in writing within five (5) working days of any employee's separation from the employer. In addition, a fee is due JRP-Atlanta, LLC from the company in the event a candidate referred by us is hired by the company or any of its affiliates within one(1) year of the initial interview, or in the event the company refers said candidate to any other employer who hires the candidate.


Fees are billed when the Employer's offer is accepted by the candidate.


Net due ten (10) days from candidate's start date. (Condition for above Guarantee)

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