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Employers:��Interviewing Tips

As a service of JRP-Atlanta, this information was designed to assist you during the interviewing process. Since each individual, as well as, each interview is different, the tips outlined herein should serve as a basic guideline only.

Purpose of the Interview
  • To clarify information obtained from your JRP-Atlanta, LLC recruiter, an application and/or resume.
  • To obtain additional information from candidate not contained in the printed material.
  • To verify candidate's qualifications and skills.
  • To seek out candidate's work habits, values and adaptability to job environment.
  • To inform the candidate about the position and your Company.
Preparation for the Interview
  • Review your Job Description to ensure you have an accurate picture of your objectives.
  • Review the candidate's resume and/or application to familiarize yourself with their background and experience.
  • Check the pertinent information you want to cover. Your questions should be:
    - Clear and concise
    - Open ended, forcing complete answers
  • Be prepared to review job specifications for the candidate, but only AFTER you've learned what you want to know.
  • Have appropriate surroundings within which to conduct the interview. Minimize the possibility of interruptions.
Interview Outline

The following outline should serve as a guideline for areas which you might wish to address in an interview situation:

  • Establish rapport with the candidate in order to allow free flow of communication by a couple of minutes of informal conversation.
  • Create a non-threatening, permissive and supportive climate.
  • Explain the position and job requirements.

Start with present position and work backwards.

  • Duties
  • Likes/Dislikes
  • Strengths/Weaknesses
  • Reason for changing or seeking job
  • Level of earnings in previous positions
  • Factors of job satisfaction
  • Attendance record
  • References: names and phone numbers
  • Formal education completed
  • Training beyond high school, college or business school
  • Special achievements and/or accomplishments
  • Pertinent volunteer experience
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Goals (immediate and long range)
  • Leadership experience
  • Special concerns (health, family, etc.)
  • Capability for position (candidate's self-analysis)
  • Availability/Work Hours
  • Benefits
  • Suitable wardrobe
  • Availability of transportation
  • Salary expectations
  • Candidate questions
  • Next step in hiring procedures
  • Offer position if appropriate
  • Follow up with JRP-Atlanta, LLC recruiter
Interpretation of the Interview

The interview provides data which must be interpreted in terms of the candidate's suitability to the position and compatibility to the company.

Candidate's Verbal Comments

  • Suitability for position
  • Interest in the job
  • Potential for growth within the organization
  • Expectations
  • Attitudes
  • Credibility
  • Candidate's Personality/Demeanor
  • Compatibility with existing staff
  • Mature/Self-confident
  • Conscientious/Hard worker
  • Honest/Sincere
  • Self-directed/Initiative
  • Appearance/Presentation
  • Objectively analyze interview and application data.
  • Review test and reference results against job specifications.
  • List assets or liabilities regarding the position.
  • Personal reaction to the applicant.

You must compare what the candidate has done in the past with what he/she will be expected to do on this job. Determine to what extent each candidate possesses the necessary experience, skills and abilities. Based on the interview, the application, reference data and comparison with your Position Description. MAKE YOUR DECISION.

Contact your JRP-Atlanta, LLC recruiter to arrange the offer, start date, beginning salary and billing information.

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