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"The Path to Ruin Your Career"

Based on experience and extensive studies counteroffers should NEVER be accepted...EVER! According to employers who make counteroffers and employees who accept them, as tempting as they may be, acceptance may cause career suicide. Consider the problem in its proper perspective. What really goes through a boss' mind when someone quits?

  • "This couldn't happen at a worse time."
  • "This is one of my best employees. If I let him quit now, it'll wreak havoc on the morale of the department."
  • "I already have one opening in my department, I don't need another."
  • "This will screw up the entire vacation schedule."
  • "I'm working as effectively as I can, and I don't need to do his work as well."
  • "If I lose another good employee, the company might decide to get rid of me too."
  • "My review is coming up and this can't make me look very good."
  • "Perhaps I can keep him on until a suitable replacement is found."
  • "I'm totally shocked. I assumed you were as happy with us as we are with you. Can't we discuss it before you make your final decision?"
  • "Gosh! I've been meaning to tell you about the wonderful plans we have for you, but it's been hush-hush until now."
  • "The CEO has you in mind for some truly exciting and expanding responsibilities."
  • "Your raise was scheduled to go into effect at the end of next quarter, but we'll make it effective immediately if you'll reconsider."

Let's face it. When someone quits, it's a direct reflection on the boss. Unless you're really incompetent or a destructive thorn in his side, the boss might look bad by "permitting" you to go. Human nature tells him to do whatever he has to do to keep you on his team. Before you give into a tempting counter offer you should consider...

  • Any instance in which an employee is forced to get an outside offer before the present employer will suggest a raise, promotion or better working conditions is suspect at best.
  • You will always be considered a fidelity risk no matter what the company says when making its counter offer. You will lose your status as a team player once you've demonstrated your lack of loyalty.
  • Counter offers serve, generally speaking, as nothing more than a stall tactic to enable your employer to replace you.
  • Counter offers are only made in response to a threat to quit. Will you have to solicit an offer and threaten to quit whenever you deserve better working conditions?

Reputable and well managed companies don't make counter offers...EVER! Their policies are deemed fair and equitable. They will not be subjected to coercion or what they perceive as blackmail.

If the urge to accept a counteroffer hits you, keep cleaning out your desk!

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