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Finish Manager (Residential Construction) Apply Now

Industry: Construction
Location: Alpharetta, GA
Required Skills: Prior residential Finish Manager experience required
Preferred Skills:
Education: College and/or vocational training preferred but not required
Salary: $58 - 60K + $8 - 10K bonus potential + $350 monthly auto allowance + excellent benefits

Residential home builder with an established reputation for integrity seeks to hire an experienced Finish Manager. Company is based in Alpharetta and their neighborhoods are scattered across the metro Atlanta area selling in the $200,000 - $600,000+ range.


Finish Managers are expected to manage 6 - 10 homes during the sheetrock to completion phases of construction, and close 3 - 5 homes each month. These workloads will vary.

Customer opportunity. Turn customer dissatisfaction into an effective program of public relations and promotion by proving to the customer that we are willing to effect whatever means are necessary within company policy to assist them in getting into their new home.

Finish Managers report directly to the Project Manager. If you have questions or need help, talk to your Project Manager.

Schedule work according to the critical path for proper completion. Know your key dates for C.O., Quality Control Inspection, Quality Control Re-inspection, Orientation, Pre-Closing review and Closing.

Each stage of construction must be punched out completed before moving on. This will make getting the home ready for a Quality Control Inspection much easier.

Finish Managers are required to pass all Quality Control Inspections and Re-inspections.

Finish Managers are required to meet all C.O. dates.

Finish Managers are required to close all homes A.B.C. (accepted before closing). This means the customer goes to closing with zero items open.

All Orientation and Pre-Closing Review paperwork needs to be signed by yourself and the customer. Keep copies in the house file and send originals to the Corporate Office in a timely manner.

Finish Managers will participate with weekly update calls to the customers.

The quality of the finished product in the quality that you demand out of each subcontractor. It is your responsibility to set quality expectations with the subcontractor. Hold all subcontractors accountable for quality and completion of their work. No job is paid unless it is 100% complete, there are no exceptions.

Never begin one stage of work until you are completely finished with the preceding stage.

All homes under your supervision must be walked twice a day.

Review and update house files. Familiarize yourself with all contract and design options, be aware of changes or revisions. Notify subcontractors of all options or revisions.

Quick response to Customer Concerns is mandatory. Report back to Project Manager, and handle the Customer Concern immediately.

Market Homes are most important, they must be walked on a weekly basis to inspect for defects and cleanliness. Quality Control re-inspection dates are to be treated as closing dates.

Be aware of overall community appearance. Immediately address any issues that you might see.

All homes with driveways must have barricade in place. There is to be no parking on the driveway.

County Inspections are to be scheduled only when work is complete.

All homes must be opened in the morning and locked up tight before leaving for the day. Be aware of utility bills; turn off lights and set thermostats property. All homes and yards must be kept clean at all times.

Assist the Customer Service Department when called upon.

Material deliveries need to be scheduled properly to avoid theft. A credit memo must be issued for all left over material. Never move material from one job to another.

All extra work should be negotiated up front. Subcontractors are expected to do extra work at no charge or at worst case, cost only.

Finish Managers will be evaluated on the results they produce. You are responsible for 'making it happen!'

Company offers a salary in the $58 - 60,000 range with bonus potential in the $8 - 10,000 range and an auto allowance adds another $4,200 annually. Benefits include health/dental/vision plan, vacations, holidays, and a profit sharing plan.

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